Friday, March 19, 2010

Wasn't That a Day?

On our way to play tennis (actually very early, for us) this morning we stopped to photograph one of the hundreds of golf courses in this valley ...

After tennis we went to the outlet mall at Cabazon, just west of here, where we did some major damage (or I might say had some amazing savings at) especially the Van Huesen store. This is the weekend we capitalized on last year. All of the items in the store are 50% off, then a further 20 or 30% off AND if you add the friends and family special coupon (thanks to Dale) another 30% off. They almost pay you to shop! I particularly indulged myself. But we also remembered our big kids back home.

On the way back we stopped so that I could collect a sand sample for someone very special. She knows who she is!

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