Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Other Side of Mount San Jacinto

Bill had a golf date with Peter and a couple of his friends, in Hemet, so we drove to the San Jacinto Valley on the other side (from here) of the mountain with the same name. There is an image to be seen in the rock face of the mountain (which is best viewed in the morning) that, around here, they call The Angel on the Mountain. Bill thinks it looks more like a moth! She's right in the centre in this photo:

Can you see her? Here is a close up ...

And this is us dropping into the San Jacinto Valley. It's a great deal more fertile and pastoral than is our desert valley, the Coachella Valley. But it's almost always 10 degrees cooler there.

I forgot to get the camera out again for the remainder of the day. Having too much fun playing perhaps? Geraldine and I had lunch in Temecula and shopped for clothes for our grand babies. A very pleasant day all round for everyone.

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