Sunday, December 30, 2018

Avery's Birthday Painting

Avery is of an age now that she can request the imagery for her birthday paintings. I'm challenged by the topics she selects but because I can paint whatever is asked of me I honour her wishes. I maintain that any artist can paint anything, they just have to want to!

Avery turned 10 on October 16th. The painting presentation happened December 22nd, the day the family arrived for Christmas

Rather than a traditional landscape background, I thought an abstracted, fun, turquoise and copper backdrop would create more magical sensation. The shinny textured bits were made using a commercial stencil and copper foil. I textured the grass with Golden Heavy Gel medium. To preserve the white areas of the horse I cut out a piece of frosted (semi clear) Mac-Tac in the horse's shape to use as a mask ...

The Mac-Tac mask removed from the painting makes for an interesting piece on its own
The background with the area of the horse preserved as white
"Avery's Unicorn" mixed media background, horse painted in oil, 16" x 12" on cradled panel
Ah yes, I think she likes it!
Definitely, a satisfied granddaughter!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Koebel Kid's Birthday Paintings 2018

I'm often late with delivery of these paintings but in the case of Amira's painting I was a few days early this year. Her birthday is December 9th, when she turned seven. I just happened to have started and finished her painting first. It was at the Pinto Museum, in Manila earlier this year, where I witnessed Amira seeing her first peacock. She was mesmerized by the male strutting with his tail feather spread out in an enormous fan.

The start.  I used a commercial stencil for the half moon, the texture on the right was created through a metal ribbon with holes

The half moon shape seemed to be just floating there, so I flipped the stencil to complete a circle ...

Refined and now sporting his crown
I added three real feathers.  "Amira's Peacock" acrylic on canvas, 12" x 24"

For Everett, who turned three on September 18th, I thought an airplane was appropriate as the family were poised to move from Manila to Singapore just before Christmas.  

A dramatic sundown was the start for Everett's painting
The airplane goes on

The painting looked rather blank to me. It was Bill who suggested adding the Manila skyline ...

Everett's "Manila to Singapore" oil on canvas 12" x 24" 
Detail of the plane
November 12th, presenting the paintings to Laura
She seemed extra pleased with Everett's painting.  Great because I thought it to be the weaker of the two 

The paintings were somewhat larger this year as we didn't need to ship them. With Laura visiting for ten days in November we were able to send the paintings, plus all the birthday and Christmas gifts, home with her in her luggage.

They opened their paintings December 4th, the day before the movers took the paintings along with the sea shipment
I think she likes it!
And the little man likes his airplane
Everett and Amira with their paintings
Thanks Laura for this family photograph after they disembarked from their flight in Singapore on December 22nd.