Floral & Still Life

DAY LILIES   oil on canvas 8" 10"   Framed $600.   available - contact me alice@artbysaltiel.com

LILY BRIGHT LIGHT   oil on canvas 8" 10"   Framed $600.    available - contact me alice@artbysaltiel.com

ROYAL QUEEN   oil/acrylic on unframed cradled panel 6" x 6"   $150.   SOLD through Sunny Raven Gallery, Canmore, Alberta
RAZZLE DAZZLE   oil on unframed cradled panel 12" x 9"  $600   SOLD

DANCING QUEEN   oil on MDF board 5" x 7"   Framed $200.   SOLD

FRUIT OF THE VINE   oil 5" x 7"  framed $2000.   available - contact me alice@artbysaltiel.com 
AUTUMN LEAVES AND TEA  oil 5" x 7"  framed $150.   available - contact me alice@artbysaltiel.com

FIREBALL GERANIUM   acrylic 9" x 12" on unframed cradled panel   $600.   SOLD   through  www.webstergalleries.com 

GLOWING MAGNOLIAS   acrylic 12" x 9" unframed $2000.   available - contact me alice@artbysaltiel.com

BIRD OF PARADISE   oil 12" x 16"   Framed $1100.   SOLD

HARMONY   oil 10" x 8"   Framed $600.   SOLD

POTTED GOLD   oil 10" x 8"   Framed $600.   SOLD

PSYCHEDELIC IRIS   acrylic 14" x 11"  Framed $950.   Available at www.webstergalleries.com 


  1. Hi, Alice! I found you through Win Dinn and the Blog Hop Around the World. The Iris she showcased on her blog was absolutely entrancing...the light you captured! WOW!

    1. Huge thanks for that wonderful compliment and having for visiting my blog!

  2. I have a painting that is dated Sattiel 74 with a flower on it in a beautiful frame . It is similar to your art . How long have you been painting ?

    1. I expect it is mine. I did a great number of little (4" x 5") oils in the 1970 - see this post ... http://artbysaltiel.blogspot.ca/2011/08/life-goes-round-in-circles.html Do these remind you of yours?
      I painted first as an art student (1962-66) worked as a commercial artist for while and dabbled> I became a full time painter while we lived in England in 1970.