Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebration at Lake O'Hara

How fortunate am I in the number of times I've had the privilege to hike and/or paint at Lake O'Hara? The area is rich with concentrated beauty and jewel coloured mountain lakes abound. My first visit was in 1982 and although it was a decade before my second trip, I have been so often since that I've lost track of the multi-night stays and day trips there. A common denominator is always sharing the good times with friends and family.

This past weekend was no exception. Laura originally arranged this trip as a coming together of her women in farewell. In August, she and Adam are moving to Libya. Since booking the Alpine Club of Canada's Elizabeth Parker Hut (for the night of June 26th) they became engaged. This then saw the event transformed to a stagette! Denise encouraged ladies to bring crazy dress-up clothes for the bride-to-be. This is how we (their aunt and I) found them on the Lake Oesa trail ...

The evening festivities were delightful. In the morning 14 women caught early buses out. That left just me and my girls to do a precious hike alone together. Here we are at Schaeffer Lake ...

... and at our destination. Lake McArthur is still frozen and there is tons of snow up there yet. But look, see just how beautiful it is! For more photos please click here:

It's been over a week since my last post and I must tell you that it could be as long or longer before I am able to get back here. On July 2nd, for two weeks, Laura and I will be in Montreal and Quebec City!

Monday, June 21, 2010


artsPeak is Canmore's annual art festival. This year, June 17-20, 2010, it showcased over 100 local and visiting artists at 30 venues! Both daughters had their creations in the artFair (street fair) which Laura coordinated. Laura has been making jewellery and participating for several years.

This year, Denise made her debut at it; she's been designing and sewing purses since January. For the most part the weather was very cooperative and it was exciting to see the response and sales both girls enjoyed.

Being as Main Street was closed to vehicular traffic little Avery got to run wild, and loved every minute of it.

With so much to stir your senses it was impossible to see it all. As it was I came away overstimulated and exhausted! For a complete photo essay, please click on this link:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Begun the other day, I finished these two paintings, today. Wishing to play a bit, I alternately sponged on paint and gesso, dragged and rubbed colour around to create their backgrounds. I worked on them simultaneously, letting each air dry between applications of thin, watery colour. Magnolias has a healthy dose of metallic, copper paint. They are acrylic and mixed media. Mixed media because I used rubber stamps for the flourishes and the delicate, lacy flower bits.

Magnolia 8" x 8"

Funky Flower 8" x 8"

These two pieces are my donations to Hanging Out Art (a clothes line art sale) happening on Saturday, in Canmore. They are unsigned because the identity of the artist isn't revealed until after you've made your purchase ... in essence making this post, a sneaky, sneak preview! All proceeds go to The Mountain Arts Foundation. ArtsPeak is a well rounded arts festival which kicks off tonight and runs through until Sunday, June 20th. For a look at what's on offer please click here:

Both of our daughters will be selling their craft, Saturday and Sunday, in the Art Fair on Main Street, which will be closed to vehicular traffic.
Denise Scammell, REVIVE ...
Laura Marshall Designs ...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lessons from Liz

Today, ten artists clustered around Liz Wiltzen in her Canmore studio. Over the course of her day long workshop she taught us how to set up EBay and Pay Pal accounts plus how to create a blog. Even though I've already got a blog up and running, there was much to be gleaned. I finally managed to get that little Feed Burner window up, which previously had eluded me.

Liz is not only a fine artist and a generous teacher she is my good friend. I invite you to see her website

Thanks, Liz!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

R-Pod in Radium

The weather was pleasant on June 8th when we took the R-Pod out on it's third excursion to Radium Valley Vacation Resort. Together, we hadn't been to the Columbia Valley since the 1980s and were pleased when David and Jenny asked us to join them. It rained the two full days we spent there but given the facilities at the resort and the opportunity to play with the Hunts, I feel we made the very best of the situation. For the complete photo essay click here:

It provided us with the opportunity to visit galleries in Invermere and for me to finally view (with respect and awe) Rich Roenish's 1.5 times life size bronze sculpture of David Thompson and his wife Charlotte Small Thompson.

The story of this man, whose significant navigational work across Canada and the north western US is so sadly unsung. Mapping considerably more territory than Alexander Mackenzie or Lewis and Clark; he was the first white person to travel the nearly 2,000 twisting kilometres of the Columbia River, from its source near here, all the way to Oregon where it flows into the Pacific Ocean.

The North American David Thompson Bicentennials (2007 to 2011) recognize the anniversaries of some the great explorer's achievements. Please see:

There apparently is no known image of David Thompson. Bob Sandford (interpreter of natural & human history) commissioned me to create a portrait. Based entirely on written descriptions only, here is my my interpretation:

Painting David Thompson, September, 2005.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bring on the Blooms

Last night Bring on the Blooms opened at Art & Soul Studio/Gallery. It remains on exhibit for the month of June. From the photos, I hope you can get a sense of the remarkable, character home which houses the gallery. To see more, please click on this link:

With Linda Mercer and gallery owner Annie Froese.

A toast with Kari Lelek.

Again today, the artists assembled at the gallery and met more delightful supporters of the arts. Below, we were pleased to pose for the local press with our medley of pieces; each of us holding our own paintings, the collection aptly named "Musical Chairs". May 21st, the flowers were picked from the gallery garden, collaboratively set up and together we worked side by side to create our own interpretations of the still life.