Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Waiting Game

Today we waited for the service man who came mid afternoon to determine why, after 3.5 weeks, we were no longer able to get online. It was epic and in the end he left us still not hooked up. Bill persisted, as he is wont to do, and eventually did get us hooked up and I sighed with relief!

We ventured forth around 4pm looking for flowers to photograph. Shot some hibiscus and some bird of paradise but I had been smitten with the amaryllis on El Paseo drive that I had seen on Sunday when they were just beginning open. I still can't get over them growing, with other vegetation and flowers in great pots, outdoors! At home the best we can hope for is to force the massive bulb, in a wee pot, to push up a heavy head of blossoms.

Coming home we passed 'The Esprit', where we would like to stay next year, and looked for a vantage point to show you the incoming weather. The glow in the gap is created, in part, by blowing sand. The roads are plowed of sand drifts with rubber bladed plows, how novel!

There is no one coming in on our heels and so we were offered and accepted a two day extension here at the condo. So, instead of leaving today we depart on Friday!

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