Friday, March 26, 2010

Because You've Asked ...

Here are the paintings I've done since being here. They are all oil on linen panels 6" x 6"...

Patio Geranium
When we first arrived I bought this geranium and painted it when it had the one and a half blooms you see. Now it has four blossoms plus buds. You can virtually watch things grow here!

Freshly Picked
I wanted to paint an orange with leaves so I climbed one of the trees by the front door to get this one.

A Bit of Green for the Day
To honour the day I painted it, Saint Patrick's Day.

Avocado on Glass
March 17th, I was on n a roll and so I painted this one also!

California Shades
As suggested by Susan in my previous post.


  1. They're all gorgeous! Also Glad to see you didn't paint something your robbed from a tree, your neighbours were starting to talk!

  2. Great stuff Alice, and good for you for painting on your holiday!