Sunday, November 22, 2015

Collection of Small Paintings

At this time of year I create a collection of small works to present at our local craft sale. Many of these paintings are available and would make excellent Christmas gifts. If you'd like to make a purchase (or purchases!) I invite you to contact me at ...

CHICKADEE SONG III   oil (bird) on mixed media background   6" x 6" framed   $150   SOLD 

CHICKADEE SONG IV   oil (bird) on mixed media background   6" x 6" framed   $150   SOLD  


BOTTICELLI ON FIRE (parrot tulip)   oil   6" x 8" framed   $195   SOLD  

Fun in the studio at Linderman Law; the lawyer, Karen Linderman, sporting a manicure to match BOTTICELLI ON FIRE

CRIMSON BLUSH   oil rose on acrylic tinted, vintage sheet music   6" x 6" x 2" unframed cradled panel (painted edges)   $150   SOLD 

PEACH BELLINI   oil rose on acrylic tinted, vintage sheet music   6" x 6" x 2" unframed cradled panel (painted edges)   $150   SOLD 

FIERY QUEEN   oil 6" x 6" x 2" unframed cradled panel (painted edges)  $150   SOLD 

EVENING ENCHANTMENT   oil 12" x 9" unframed cradled panel (painted edges)  $250   SOLD     

PINOT GRIS   oil  7" x 5" framed   $150   SOLD 

At the Claresholm Kinette Christmas Craft Sale with my booth buddy, Judy Dahl, November 21st, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Dark Side Embossing

For a long while now I've promised my card making friend, Debie, that I'd show her some mixed media techniques and yesterday was the day I finally came good. Debies's craft room is an enviable delight, a sun room really. It has plenty of space with lots of natural light. We didn't need artificial lighting when we started at 1pm, but when the sun went down we turned up all the lights. It was well after dark when we finished.

Below, we have just begun painting over foiled papers, which we adhered to cover stock, using spray glue. Win's invention is to use black gesso, but we thought why not experiment with white gesso too? 

Here I am giving my rebel student heck - she marches to her own drum, but she's a keen learner!

Both ladies are in the business of beauty. Lynda is a hair stylist and Debie does manicures so they have access to wholesale beauty supply places. Each of them brought hair foil papers to our day, and not just the usual silver ones.

God love them, they got right into it!

These gals didn't want paint under their finger nails, or the wildly colourful, potent alcohol inks staining their hands so, wisely, they wore rubber gloves. I must say that I came over to their side after the first go around with the black gesso!

Lynda about glue down some of the exotic coloured foils

Debie really got into the alcohol inks

So much so her hand was a blur wiping and dabbing 

My collection at the end of our day

Thanks to Debie for hosting supper in the midst of our mad, creative binge of over eight hours. To her and to Lynda for being such good sports. They displayed much bravery in crossing over to the dark side. It was most precious when Lynda asked "What will you teach us next?"  

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Embracing Where I Am

TABLE MOUNTAIN #2   18" x 24" framed oil on canvas   $2500.

Bill and are planning to move to Victoria, B.C. but (so far) things haven't panned out exactly as we wish and we find ourselves delayed in departing Claresholm. Rather than sulk about it, I've chosen to embrace it and enjoy the marvelous space that Karen Linderman makes available to me.

You may recall it was almost two years ago that I set up a painting studio, affectionately called The Art Room, in Karen's law office. After an eight month hiatus, I resumed my residency there last week. It sure feels good to be back painting again.

In my opinion Karen is the best lawyer in town. Those who know her will concur that hers is
a most generous spirit. Giving, on a personal and community level, is second nature to her. Plus, she's a rare non-artist with whom I can talk about art, ad nauseam, and she remains keenly interested. 

Karen patronizes not only me. Her support of all local and regional artists and artisans is remarkable. Her love of the arts prompted her to spearhead Claresholm's first, hugely successful, musical theatre Fame! (January 2015) for which she was the Production Manager. Currently, she is working in the same capacity for Little Shop of Horrors, coming to the stage in January 2016.  

Linderman Law Office, 4916 - 2nd Street West is directly south of the Claresholm Post Office

Should you find yourself in town and notice that "The Artist is In" sign is displayed in the window, know that I'm there, painting, and it means I welcome your visit.

Yesterday, I finished the painting you see me starting (in the first photo above). Here are the progressive stages ...

And finished ...

TABLE MOUNTAIN #2 (Beaver Mines Lake, Castle area, South Western Alberta)  18" x 24"   oil on canvas

In the next couple of weeks I will be working on smaller paintings, such as the one below, to exhibit at the Kinette Christmas Sale on November 21st, 11am to 4pm, here in Claresholm, at the Community Centre. Tickets for Little Shop of Horrors go on sale there!  

PEACH BELLINI   oil rose on vintage sheet music which has been tinted with acrylics   6" x 6" x 2" cradled wooden panel