Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Day in the Life

Wednesday, March 3rd

We enjoy tripping about town (any of them) for part of our day. I'm told there are seven cities in the Coachella Valley. The only way you can tell if you've left one and gone into another is if you pay attention to the street signs. Still the population of the entire valley is reported to be only 100,000.

Our patio faces NW and so it's not until noonish that the sun comes around to shine on it and even then the light is dappled because of the assortment of trees beyond. I enjoyed a short tanning session before painting the geranium I bought the other day.

The day was nicely capped of with a dinner invitation at the Simpson's. The decor of their Home-for-March is so very French aristocrat-ish you'd think you were at Marie Antoinette's! Janice's brother, Brian, and his wife, Jackie, have been their guests for the past couple of days. What a fun evening we had. Laughed so hard our faces hurt. And, thanks to all the contributing chefs, the food was excellent!

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