Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beverly Hills

It is with one intention and one intention only that we are going to Beverly Hills today. And that is to visit Selma, my somehow-Saltiel-cousin, who lives there. We first met at an International Saltiel Family Reunion in Barcelona (2000) and we all fell in love with one another. It's not often that a face or character compels me to paint a portrait. Anyone who has met her knows why I'm terribly excited!

Later ... we had an amazing day with Selma! It took two hours to drive from Palm Springs to Beverly Hills and Selma was waiting with open arms. Best of all we were able to Skype the Scammells from Selma's house to
sing happy birthday to Denise and have Selma see Avery in action. Selma was blown away by the technology. Charlie (Selma's first born of two sons) joined us for lunch at our annual spot, Frieda's Mexican Cafe. We even got the same window seat as last year.

When I'm 89, I pray I look as amazing as this woman does!

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