Mixed Media

For over four decades, I have been a fine art painter in the classical sense. In May 2012, I took my first mixed media painting workshop, lead by Win Dinn and found that the constructing of any piece, using this multi-faceted, sky's-the-limit process is a daring thrill. And an immense challenge! I use acrylic paints, various gel mediums for texture, an assortment of rubber stamps and embellishments.  

PEONY BUD   6" x 6"  acrylic on textured canvas framed $150.   Available through me

PAINTED SUNSHINE   8" x 10" acrylic on canvas framed $295.   Available at Sunny Raven Gallery, Canmore

FANCIFUL FEATHER   16" x 12"   Framed $400.   SOLD through Willowtree, Claresholm

PEACOCK PRIDE   12" x 9"   Framed $195.   SOLD

UNLOCKED GROWTH II   8" x 6" on unframed cradled wooden panel 1.5" painted sides $100.   SOLD

BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE   8" x 6" on unframed cradled wooden panel 1.5" painted sides $100.   SOLD through Sunny Raven Gallery Canmore

HOPE   9" x 12" acrylic on MDF framed $250.   Available at Sunny Raven Gallery, Canmore   SOLD

THE EYE OF RA   24" x 9" unframed on wrapped (painted sides) canvas   SOLD

MAIL FROM GRAN   14" x 11" (portrait painted in oil) on cradled wooden panel   SOLD

UNLOCK GROWTH   16" x 12" acrylic on MDF   NFS

MOULIN ROUGE   12" x 9" acrylic framed $195.   SOLD through Willowtree, Claresholm   

A PEACOCK CALLED WIN   8" x 8" unframed on cradled wooden panel 2" deep, painted sides $250.   SOLD

TIME IS ON MY SIDE   12" x 16" unframed on cradled wooden panel 1" deep, painted sides $175   Available through me

HUMMING BIRD FOR AVERY   12" x 9" acrylic on MDF   SOLD

CELEBRATE!     7" x 5"   Framed $75.    SOLD

DRAGONFLY  LACE   7" x 5" framed $75.   SOLD

WINE SONG     6" x 6"   Framed $75.   Available through me
WE'LL SING IN THE SUNSHINE   12" x 9"   Framed $250.   Available through me

FLY AWAY   8" x 6" framed $100.   SOLD through Galleria Inglewood, Calgary 

THE GIFT   9" x 12" on cradled panel   SOLD
I'D LIKE TO BE UNDER THE SEA   8.5" x 13.5"   SOLD
STAR ANGEL   12" x 9"   Framed $250.    Available through me


  1. I've just loved perusing this page, from your first mixed media, Star Angel, through to the last. Like a duck to water, you've taken to this form of painting so beautifully. And, of course, you've far outstripped the teacher!

  2. So excited to see all the additions to this page, Alice - you're making my mouth water with your combination of fine art and mixed media! You'll be turning the mixed media world on its head with your rich texture and colour!

  3. Absolutely love them all!!! As you know I veer towards the abstract and I just love mixed media anyway! Such a departure for you, and you've made a real success of it, combining the accuracy of academic painting with the freedom of texture and free forms! Makes me think I ought to be doing more myself....too easily distracted! Brilliant! Jacky xxx

  4. Yes, Jackie, you were adventurous in your approach to painting long before I took a look at it. I love the thrill of this different way of making art after all those years of traditional painting!