Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day

Being that it's Saint Patrick's Day, I thought I should paint something green. So, I sliced open a lime placed two cut pieces and a whole one on this cute little plate and here is the result ...

I went to great lengths setting this up, bringing outside the only small lamp in the place. This was in an effort to create some shadows on my arrangement since the sun doesn't come around to the patio until afternoon. I was full of ambition so I did another ...

This time I was doing my utmost to keep myself out of the sun by shoving everything into the corner of the patio. It was 32C out there by the time I was finished. I came in and ate the avocado.

Now, I'm waiting for Bill to return from Hemet. He went golfing there with Peter, today. And when he does get here I'm all ready, dressed in a green shirt, to go to the Simpson's. We are having a welcome The Ethnics to PSCA dinner, they flew in today!

Back home again after a lovely evening with most of 'The Tribe' present. Susan and I got to be 'bookends' wearing green!

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