Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rocky Mountain Wedding

Photo of Emerald Lake and Lodge from the Lodge's website

Our family is gearing up for Laura's and Adam's wedding which will take place on the shore of Emerald Lake (Yoho National Park, B.C.) August 5th. The Bride and Groom have opted for an intimate, private affair with just their parents and siblings attending; fourteen adult guests, plus little Avery.

Many family members will spend the night before as well as the night of the wedding at this first class mountain lodge ...

Miss Avery has her dress; her Grandma and Aunt brought it home from Montreal. As Mother-of-the-Bride I am eager to see the necklace and earrings that Laura has created to match the outfit she herself selected for me the day before we returned from Quebec!

Meanwhile, parents-of-the-bride are in training for the Wedding Tennis Tournament which will be held in Canmore as part of the blow-out celebration at the newly weds home, August 7th!

Let the good times roll!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

La Belle Province

July 2nd to 15th, 2010

In old town Montreal

With Laura and Adam getting married and moving to Libya, next month, mother and daughter acted on their desire to visit Quebec and long lost family. Aunt Loretta (my Mother's sister) was 16 when I was born. I was 14 when her daughter, Claudine, was born and when Laura was 14, Claudine's daughter, Ericka, was born. The last time I saw my cousins I was 21, Claudine 7, and her brother, Marc, 5. Our age spread and geographic distance have kept us apart ... until now!

Me and Laura with Aunt Loretta

We stayed with cousin Claudine and husband, Sebastien. The hospitality we were shown, the indulgence and love was more than anyone could have hoped for. Meet the family here:

Getting to know them, their children, cousin Marc and his sons were a fine addition to exploring Canada's most exotic city. The Jazz Festival was on and so was an unrelenting heat wave. For photos of our time in Montreal click here:

We had a day trip to Saint-Sauveur, in the Laurentians ... photos here:

Laura and I went to Quebec City where we stayed, for three nights, in a B&B in the old town. We endlessly walked that charming city and had our history lesson while we toured the St. Lawrence River on the M/V Louis Jolliet. See the Quebec City photo essay here:

Cousin Marc graciously offer to take us to Ottawa and what happened to that day was magical. In Toronto, in 1968 - 69, I shared an apartment with Terry Pletzer who introduced me to Bill. We lost track of one another for nearly 40 years finally meeting again in Canmore, in 2006. Terry and James live half way between Montreal and Ottawa just outside the village of Dunvegan where we stopped, presumably just for lunch. Since I hadn't found an dress for the upcoming wedding, Terry mentioned that the largest bridal boutique in eastern Ontario was not far from her delightful country home. The gals all went there while Marc visited a colleague in the area. Got my outfit and the next thing you know it's after 4pm with not enough time to go on to Ottawa!

Terry and me

I love this woman. She was an inspiration and a mentor to me when I was 20 and she 25. We are closing the gap between our visits and I hope that Bill and I will find ourselves visiting her and James, soon. To see photos of the afternoon with Terry click here:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day

William Hamilton Allan built his homestead NE of Nanton, Alberta in May 1904. Today, his grandson, James Coutts, keeps this beautiful property, it's buildings and gardens with dedicated care. Jim is, among many things, a patron of the arts. He has given almost 200 works from his collections to The University of Lethbridge. Today, one of mine was purchased to join his donation.

I had the pleasure of joining Jim, mutual friends and his guest, Patrick Gossage, in a lovely luncheon.

Between courses we all stepped outside to sing Oh Canada accompanied by Annie Froese's husband, Herb, on his trumpet.

Afterwards, we toured the grounds and their secluded rest spots under and between the trees. We admired decomposing willow chairs, outdoor art, flowers and native grasses which make up the extensive gardens. Below we are in Jim's studio/guest house.

Open gates were very inviting and my senses were stimulated.

Quite a spectacular way to spend Canada Day, wouldn't you say?