Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Party is Over

DESERT DAWN (Joshua Tree National Park, California)   oil   9" x 12"   Framed $700.  

Clearly eight weeks off is enough.  What better way is there to savour and prolong the memory of my time spent in California than by painting it at home?  I started this painting a year ago, one evening while we were in Palm Springs, from a photograph taken in yet another year.   If this desert looks hot to you I must tell you that at 4200 feet in February, waiting for this particular sunrise, it was anything but.  But dawns thrill me.  As friends will attest, I'll leave my warm bed early on any morning that promises beauty in a sensational place.  And I have never been disappointed.

The acrylic wash under painting ... this slap dash impression is how I left it one year ago