Sunday, March 14, 2010

Takin' it Easy (again)

Saturday, March 13th

I really eased into this day. Spent another hour poolside and even went into the water, finally! They'd cleaned up any traces of ducks in the pool. Bill dashed out first thing to get some treats from the Mexican bakery, while the selection was still good, and came home with tacos for lunch as well. We didn't leave home until around 2pm and thought we'd see what the rodeo festivities were all about. Never did get there (that's the beauty of being free spirits) found a Stein Mart and spent a long time in there scouring all it's goodies. Love the set of appetizer plates I bought. Came home and used them when the Simpsons came over for the evening.

As you can see by the sweaters and jacket, once the sun had dipped behind the mountain, it had cooled off. It wasn't long after this photo was taken that we retreated indoors. The talk ran high, the tenderloins on the BBQ were neglected turning them into blackened pork! Which, with some trimming, was revived in the marinara sauce and tasted just fine on the linguine pasta. However, the corn Bill bought off the back of a Mexican truck must have been intended for corn chips because it certainly wasn't good on the cob! The desserts made up for any short comings and it was a lovely evening!

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