Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Out of Art Hibernation

Canmore, Flora and Fauna, 12" x 24" cradled panel with images painted in oil on a vintage topographical map from 1980

Canmore's Mountain Avens Gallery, as The Avens Gallery was initially called, represented my art from the time Arlene Curry opened it in June 1986, through two subsequent owners, for twenty-four years. Almost a decade after leaving the gallery, when we returned, last year,  to Canmore (from Claresholm) it was both an honour and a terrific boost to my ego when the current gallery manager, Betti Irwin, invited me back.

December 16th, 2017, The Avens, staff, owners and some of their gallery artists. Betti Irwin is second from right

It isn't likely that I'll resume painting sizeable, traditional landscapes which did and would again work so perfectly in the Avens. Much has changed with me. After considerable soul searching I met with Betti to explain what I wanted to do. I had asked Cheryl Baxter, owner of Elevation Gallery and The Hive, if she would represent me. Betti is a compassionate and understanding individual who wished me well. Cheryl accepts that I may be sporadic in suppling art. She asked for my alternative works, on cradled panels, and could I deliver five to seven of them for Labour Day?

Credit must be given where it's due. It was Win Dinn who inspired me to incorporate mixed media elements and techniques into making art. It was Patti Dyment who conceived the notion that we could paint on topographical maps ... 

Covering cradled panels with topo maps and other assorted, fun, commercial papers, March 4th, 2018

Without a proper studio in our Canmore townhouse, I paint at our kitchen table where the light pours in from the window above the sink and the east facing patio doors. In January, I invited myself to paint with Patti in her ample, open concept kitchen/living/dining rooms. Thinking it would be a one day play date, imagine my delight at being invited back on a regular basis. While painting is a solitary act even when we are together, just being in the same space with another artist doubles the energy. We share ideas, help each other in exploring potential ways to resolve painting problems and we explode in laughter frequently.  

Working on 'Bighorn Range' at Patti's, March 5th, 2018

Being a real last-minute-Jenny I was truly under the gun when Patti welcomed me to her place for and a three-day painting binge, August 25th, 26th and 27th. These dates were sandwiched by two days of painting at home where I both started new and completed unfinished paintings. 

August 25th, 2018, while Patti worked on two large canvases I furiously painted small pieces for Elevation Gallery 

On August 31st, I delivered eight new paintings and two older works ...

Bronze Beauty - iris painting in oil on a commercially printed paper background 12" x 12" $700.
Canmore Flora and Fauna - oil vignettes on a vintage topographical map (from 1980) 12" x 24" $1260.
Chickadee Song - oil on vintage sheet music (Oh Mother of Mine) 8" x 8" $560.
Bighorn Range - oil on a vintage topographical map (from 1980) 10" x 10" $700.
Mule Deer and Aspens - oil on a vintage topographical map (from 1980) 12" x 12" $840.
Swan Elegance - oil on commercially printed paper background 12" x 12" $840.
Great Horned Owl Stare - oil on a hand marbled Italian paper background 12" x 12" $840.
"Red" the Bobcat - oil on commercially printed paper background 8" x 8" $560.
Etherial Beauties
oil irises on an acrylic background 12" x 6" $630.
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
oil day lilies on an acrylic background 12" x 6" $630.

Cheryl and I shake on our new association
Had to show you both of these photos

Please stop in to see my new works. You'll find some in the street level Elevation Gallery as well as The Hive upstairs. Do visit The Avens Gallery while you are in town as well.