Monday, March 22, 2010

Market & El Paseo Drive

Sunday, March 21st

Back at home Bill had bought his ticket to see the finals of the PSBA Paribas tennis finals which were played today. The Simpsons and The Ethnics picked me up and we all went to the open air market at The College of the Desert. It's a really big market and we spent hours there either side of lunch at the food fair.

Last year I fell in love with this bistro set at the Tuesday Morning store but Bill said we couldn't get it home. I saw it at the market a couple of weeks ago and then again today. I am still lusting over it!

Beverly Hills has Rodeo Drive, The Coachella Valley has the even longer El Paseo Drive. There is a complimentary shuttle cart. Some stores have valet parking. Complete refinement, glamour, wealth and decadence. Chicos is Janice's favourite a women's clothing store and she wanted me and Susan to see the one on El Paseo. Dale and Jim waited patiently as the ladies shopped.

Tucked behind El Paseo Drive are The Gardens. A serene urban space with exceptional landscaping and charming bronze sculptures.

Worn completely ragged we arrived back at our place around 5:30PM just minutes before Bill. The ladies took their champagne to the pool. And in the hot tub we let the jets pound the bottom of our tired feet.

Then, we joined the men on the patio for happy hour snacks.

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