Monday, August 30, 2010

A Farewell and Distractions

Friday, August 27th was a fiasco. We were en route to the Calgary airport to meet and see Laura and Adam off (to Toronto and ultimately Libya) when Laura phoned and asked us if we'd pick her and Adam up at a NW parking lot instead. At the 11th hour he was selling his car. We arrived at the airport 35 minutes before their 3pm flight and they had a ton of luggage; one piece overweight.

The gal at check-in wasn't thrilled

When Denise and Avery appeared it meant the entire family (minus Larry) saw the travellers go through security. That's when Avery shouted "Come back, Laura!" It was a comic departure that happened so fast and furiously there was little time for tears. And that, was one blessing; the other was how they miraculously made their flight!

We went home and spent the night with Denise and Avery. On Saturday we four went to Canmore. Denise participated in an evening art show and sale, at the Corridor Collective (art's studios and gallery space) with painter Katherine Ferns and jeweller Sarah Holmes.

Denise (on the left) and her purse display

On Sunday we helped Linda and Ron hang their art in their new condo.

Resting, after the job was complete.

GUNNER oil on linen 12" x 9"

They waited a long time for me to get around to painting this portrait of Linda and Ron's springer spaniel. Gunner passed away a year and a half ago and it seemed like the perfect house warming gift.

But the weekend wasn't over, yet. Sunday evening we had a delightful dinner party (at our host's home) to celebrate Dale turning 70!!!

Birthday Boy, Dale, and Janice

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Plein Air Sketching

In an effort to maximize the R-Pod we've been taking mid week jaunts, locally, in our part of Alberta. Last week, from August 17th to 20th we revisited Beauvais Lake Provincial Park. Staying there isn't full on "glamping" because there are no water or sewer hook-ups, but electricity and cell phone service is pretty nice!

While Bill was off fishing on some creek, under some bridge, I hung out at the campsite where I made this sketch:

Beauvais Foliage art marker and watercolour 7" x 5"

Another day, while Bill fished the Castle River, I sketched Castle Falls. This spot has many deep pools and folks were taking advantage of them and the hot weather by jumping off the high bank opposite where I sat making this sketch:

Castle Falls art marker & watercolour 5" x 7"
On this particular trip Bill launched his new toy ...

With it's quiet, electric motor it's a rather lovely thing to cruise on water and see loons and swans. And from it, one morning, Bill caught a rainbow trout which very shortly thereafter made a tasty, fresh lunch; so delicate, and delicious.

Please contact me at to purchase either of these sketches. They are available, unframed at $100. each.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

With a Little Help From my Friends

Meg and Spriggy at Racehorse Creek

It's been over two months since I made art and I realize that I am missing it. When we discussed her visit, Meg and I made a plan to get outdoors to sketch. August 16th we drove straight west of home, through the Livingstone Gap to behind the Livingstone Range. We drew first at Dutch Creek and then at Racehorse Creek both of which flow into The Oldman River.

Dutch Creek coloured pencil drawing 9" x 12"

Racehorse Creek coloured pencil drawing 9" x 12"

Although there were people camped in the area we saw no one else at either creek. The value of spending a quiet day in such peaceful beauty is immeasurable and the memory of it will sustain us in our studios. And all the while that Meg and I sketched, Bill fished. It really doesn't get much better! I see a potential painting in this photograph ...

Bill upstream from us at Racehorse Creek

Please contact me at to purchase either of my plein air drawings. They are available, unframed, at $100. each.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Emerald Wedding

I'm much later checking in here than ever I thought I'd be, but it's been a wild few weeks and I thank you for bearing with me.

In a summer of sketchy weather we were blessed with sunshine and even heat at Emerald Lake, August 5th. The intimate group that we were all agreed it was a most perfect day/setting/time for Laura's and Adam's lake side nuptials.

Here are links to photo essays you may want to explore:

THE EMERALD WEDDING: Setting the Scene ...

The Bride and Ladies Get Ready ...

"Going' to the Lake Shore 'cause THEY'RE GONNA GET MARRIED!" ...

One of the incredibly wonderful components of this unique wedding was canoeing in our wedding finery.


The celebrations didn't end at Emerald Lake. On August 7th there was a Tennis Tournament and a Grand Finale Party at the newly wed's home in Canmore.