Monday, August 3, 2015

Lake of the Woods

Sun Struck Isle   oil on canvas   24" x 36"

It's been a while since you've heard from me but this post ties in nicely with the previous one where I talked about Zelda, my travelling companion to and at Lake of the WoodsThis lake is over 110 kilometres long and wide containing more than 14,000 islands. It's primarily in Canada but, being on the border, it also stretches into the USA, at the western edge of Ontario where this province meets the SE corner of Manitoba.

Lake of the woods.jpg
Lake of the Woods from space

Gerry Wilson and her husband, John, were Zelda's and my hosts (in 2005). Gerry is also editor of this magazine which I am proud to have a painting published in ...

This issue (July, 2015) has an excellent article called A Shrine of Beauty; Painting at Lake of the Woods 1850 - 1930 written by Andrew Kear, Curator of Historical Canadian Art, Winnipeg Art Gallery. It is followed by this page ...

Gerry recruited images for the Artists Still Find Inspiration portion of the feature article including Zelda's, top above, and mine, centre right below.

Evening of the Summer Solstice   oil on canvas   36" x 54"

During the ten days in June (2005) that Zelda and I spent at the Wilson's gorgeous home on Coney Island we painted almost daily. John and/or Gerry would often boat us to and drop us off (with fantastic lunches) at different islands. Wanting to paint the magical light of sundown, on the evening of the summer solstice, the Wilsons took us to and stayed with us at Cat Island. John watched as we stroked paint on our canvases while Gerry swam laps around the island.  It was capped off by a divine supper picnic supper. The boat ride home at sunset was stunning.

Gerry and John with yours truly at the easel 

Zelda painting at Cat Island

After returning home from our expedition, Zelda and I produced a collection of larger studio works to add to our plein air paintings and in November we presented our joint exhibition ...

Our paintings at The Avens Gallery, Canmore, Alberta

In front of one of Zelda's oils with Gerry and John Wilson at the opening reception of Ladies of the Lake

Lake of the Woods has important significance for both Carol Picard and Robin Wade who purchased Sun Struck Isle shortly after Zelda's death on April 13th, 2015. Many thanks to the two of you for giving my painting a special home.

I wonder if anyone will recall the framed poster on the wall beside Carol?

I invite you to view my entire collection of Lake of the Woods paintings here.