Monday, March 29, 2010

Triple Header

Saturday, March 27th

Bill was off playing tennis with The Geezer Boys (fellows we met at the complex we stayed in last year) and I went to the open air market at The College of the Desert, with Dale and Janice. Dale was after a ring and I was going to get the bistro set of my dreams. Imagine my disappointment when the Eagles Mosaic vendor wasn't there! There is a happy ending to this story, it just didn't happen today.

From there we met up with Bill and the Shostaks at La Quinta where we had lunch in a great Mexican restaurant before touring "Art Under Umbrellas" in Old Town.

The flat art wasn't terribly impressive, but the level of the artisans was superlative. Just look at these amazing blown glass gobbets ...

And how about these exceptional pieces of pottery with the tricky yet gorgeous crystal glazes ...

From here we went to "do" the galleries on El Paseo Drive. It is always more fun viewing art with another artist. Peter and I praised the good works and slagged the poor ones. This always works best when tastes are aligned and ours are!

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