Monday, April 12, 2010

Who Am I Kidding?

After only three posts on strictly painting I cave. I can't seem to separate my "normal" life and art, for me they have always been intertwined. And besides I'm bursting to tell you about how we reunited with our entire family on Friday (minus Adam, who is working in Libya right now) to enjoy a wonderful, dinner (thanks Larry) and evening of catching up. And then, on Saturday morning we all went to the orientation of how to operate our new R-Pod.

And of course Avery was there ... now how can I not share this little doll with you?

R-Pods are made by Forest River. We chose model 177, reputed to be the hottest lite-weight, aero-dynamic, eco-constructed trailer on the market. It features a kitchen (two burner stove, sink and fridge) in a slide out, a queen size bed in the rear, a dinette in the front, a wet bath (toilet and shower), A/C, HD LCD 9" (hilarious) TV and furnace. It's 18.8 feet long, 8 feet wide, 8.8 feet high and weighs 2285 pounds (empty) which means we can tow it with our Hyundai Santa Fe. Plus it comes with the R-Dome, an add on screened room!

Here we are all hitched up and ready to take it home. With or without the family we are the "Pod Squad" looking forward to jaunts locally and further a field ... just as soon as it warms up! This addition to our life fits in well with me being a Wandering Painter, don't you think?


  1. Nice R-Pod and all the comforts of home! Ah, a wandering artist. I like that. Enjoy! Just so you know Pidge, it's me, Swan.

  2. C and I are excited for you. With all the comforts of home albeit in smaller doses these units are fantastic - they keep one dry, warm and comfortable. In the fall, with early evenings, one can enjoy a quiet read and a hot cup of something!!! Brian