Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finding Treasures

You already know about our propensity for thrift stores. Every trip to Lethbridge, for any reason, means an opportunity to indulge ourselves in treasure hunting. Yesterday we soured a few shops before I scored this adorable collection at The Salvation Army, for $4.99.

I suspect these are just a part of the original set. The ridiculously small triangular plates I image to be only two of six which would make a complete round of watermelon. There had to have been more than the one cup and saucer, and where on earth is the tea pot? I'd be interested in more pieces should anyone ever find any! They are nothing precious just fun ceramic pieces made in China.

They will be a delight to paint and I know that Avery is going to love them. I took the photograph this morning on our front porch with a fill-in flash. Any one care to guess what all that white is behind the arrangement? It has me rolling my eyes.

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