Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Painting From Life

Monday, April 12th

For decades, photography has been a convenient tool for artists. There are purists who won't use it, but I have taken immeasurable advantage of it. My return to painting from life, for the daily painting project, has reminded me (yet again) of it's value and just how much more superior human vision is. Cameras simply aren't equipped to see nuances, of colour in particular, that our own eyes can.

Setting up still life arrangements and lighting is in itself epically time consuming. Needing assistance to see up close compounds my problem of placing the arrangement so as to see it (without glasses) and the painting panel clearly (with reading glasses) and not give myself a headache! And then there are my tight quarters. Moving from Canmore (where I left a perfectly wonderful, large studio) to Claresholm, and our dream home, meant adapting to my new painting space ... The Anne Frank Room. You'll find it's story and photos here:

Things that are multi purpose please me. Last week I bought this pot of tulips for the joy of having it on our breakfast room table, to paint it, and to put the bulbs in the garden when it is finished blooming. Today I painted Potted Gold oil on canvas panel 10" x 8" ... it's my second piece ready for the flower show.

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