Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bird of Paradise

We entertain some and certainly what we serve must be top notch but how the table is dressed is equally important. I have a shameful (and growing) collection of linens, dishes, candles and whatever else you can name to trim a table. Decades ago a friend gave me a most precious little book on how to fold napkins. Now, since this is the only fold I know by heart, you might think that I may have painted a Bird of Paradise flower before now. But no, not until today!

I meant to photograph this panel before I began, but I can tell you that it was wildly coloured in acrylics over which I palette knifed excess, left over white and yellow oil paint. After yesterday's sedate viola painting I was ready to break out the wild colours. It's 12x16 inches and I got this far before lunch ...

Since I'm working from a photograph, there is no concern about buds opening further, of produce rotting, or anything else time sensitive to hold me at the easel. So, after lunch, I joined Bill in a reconnoiter drive into the hills. We are itching to take the R-Pod "camping". This photo was taken not far from home at Pine Coulee campground which has power. We may just use it for our "maiden voyage". But not tonight. We're not ready.

It is a lovely warm, spring day. When we got back we sipped wine and ate chocolate dipped strawberries (christening the geranium bistro set) on our front porch with David and Jenny. They are seasoned RVers and they told us things we needed to know ... which the dealership hadn't! Who knew we needed special RV toilet paper? But soon, soon we'll be ready to go RVing!

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