Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day Three and Home Sweet Home

It's only about a six hour drive from Helena to Claresholm so we had a gentler start to our last day on the road with a sit down breakfast and a departure time of 8:15am. At Shelby we decided to not cross the border at Coutts but rather at Carway. What a pleasant surprise the U.S. Highway 2 was! It took us west to right up under the Rockies and then it turns north to parallel the spectacular mountains that are Glacier National Park. The title "Crown of the Continent" was given for very good reason! Travelling this slow, winding, shoulder-less road is well worth it for the beauty!

Chief Mountain ...

At this time of year the U.S./Canadian Border crossings are jammed up with returning "Snowbirds" but any driving/hauling large RVs would never travel the road we had taken. And so, at 1:15pm (prime crossing time) in contrast to the 1.5 hour wait, in a long line up that we had last year at Coutts, there was only one car ahead of us, at Carway, and none behind us ... for miles! And then, being Easter Sunday might have had something to do with the lack of traffic.

Home, sweet home here we come! We were back in Claresholm at 3pm, excited to be in our lovely home again.


  1. GREAT art of fruit and florals, and i am jealous of your folks new RPod! What fun!
    Further blessings and adventures,