Monday, April 5, 2010

First Day Home

Waking up in our own bed was a lovely start to this first day at home and it just kept getting better. A courier delivered a parcel from London, England. It was a beautiful food hamper, a thank you gift from my photographer friend and his wife.

A couple of hours later our buddies, the Simpson's, stopped in on their way home to Canmore from PSCA. They were a day behind us. My 'personal shopper', Janice, had brought a garment I requested she buy if she ever got to a certain store on their travels. Turns out she went into one just for me! We had tea and goodies from my gift hamper plus a lovely visit.

This afternoon, when I was outside setting up my sweet bistro set, Jenny drove by and stopped to welcome me home. I invited her in and we had another round of tea and treats along with a delightful visit.

And now that we are home, this won't be a trip blog anymore. Perhaps it's time to turn it into a painting blog?

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