Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bill's Birthday

Yesterday was Bill's birthday, the 41st I've spent with him. I overslept and got up to find him making morning coffee, not what I had intended! The day got better, the weather never did. Environment Canada issued a 48 hour Winter Storm Warning. Here that means rain, wet snow and high winds. Kari delivered a loot bag full of goodies from The Nanton Candy Store. And I know his heart was warmed by phone calls from our girls.

We had a buffet lunch at The Silver Grill (Chinese food) in Fort Mcleod. It's in an old building, very nondescript outside. But inside there is a high, tin ceiling and a most imposing, impressive bar (the original) which is reputed to have a bullet hole in it. We sat directly opposite the former, and I tried all through lunch, to no avail, to find the latter. I had to inquire. The waitress moved a bottle or two and there it is, in the massive mirror, complete with radiating cracks ... I wish I'd brought my camera!

Bill would rather have apple pie than birthday cake so once we got home I went to work. We had a late, delicious dinner by candle light, but were too full to eat pie! Ah, but the children are coming tomorrow and the pies will vanish!

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