Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alice's Wonderland

I've got this really cute playhouse. It has no electricity and it isn't winterized, so over winter we store patio furniture in there. Today was a warm spring day, we managed a high of 19C! It inspired me to clean it out. I vacuumed the carpet and wiped down anything I thought might stay/go in there. Got carried away and took the larger patio table into the lane behind our yard and re-spray painted it thinking I'd keep it in there, but it is too big. So I messed around some more, arranging this and that. Then along came Bill and said "What about the love seat in the den? I thought it was going back out here?" And it likely will. But, I'd worn myself out so I settled down on the lounge (which can't stay) to read. This photo is taken through the open "take-out window" ...

In summer, sometimes "Wonderland" is a guest house, sometimes a studio, a fresh air alternative from The Anne Frank Room. By the time I thought to photograph the outside we'd had a thunderstorm. Fickle weather!

Here is the story of Wonderland ...

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