Thursday, April 15, 2010

Did I Say "A Delight"?

I finally bought a new spotlight. The hardware store variety meant to be used in an industrial workshop. All that matters to me is that it takes a 150 watt bulb. As per usual it was a production to get set up. My arrangement, at first, included five pieces of the Wacky Watermelons tea set. Trying to fit them all on the tiny 6x6 panel was painful so, I wiped off my start, removed two pieces and began again.

Getting a plate truly round is pretty much always headache material. I enjoyed the "idea" of painting these whimsical pieces, but as the day worn on, the painting became more and more frustrating. Had it all done, or so I thought, when I realised that the shadow side of the sugar dish was too light. So, I repainted that. Now I'm sitting here wondering if the shadow on the table top (on the right) would look better if it were darker? My paints and brushes are all cleaned up, my hands are washed, I've had dinner ... but I can't stand it. I'm going back down to deal with that shadow. Aaarrrrrgh ... where did the delight go?

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