Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grapes and Flowers

Other than the landscape, rich as it is, what comes to mind when I think of France are grapes and flowers And these are what remain for me to show you of the French inspired paintings ...

GRAPES ABOVE A DOORWAY AT GOULT   2004 oil 22" x 14"
Collection of the artist   

JEWELS OF PROVENCE   2004 oil 18" x24"   Collection of Denise and Larry Scammell

RAINBOW GRAPES   2003 oil 10" x 8"   Collector unknown

MARKET SUNFLOWERS   2005 oil 9" x 12"   Collector unknown

SUNFLOWERS AND LILY BUDS   2004 oil 18" x 24"   Collector Ken Hayes

MONET'S IRISES   2003 oil 12" x 16"   Collector unknown 

LONE LILY, MONET'S LILY POND 8   2005 oil 18" x 24"  Collector unknown 

In a heartbeat I'd return to France again and again, but the world is huge and much more awaits elsewhere! The revisiting of these paintings and the trips only serve to indelibly etch the memories. Sincere thanks for the interest you have shown in this body of work.


  1. Gawd you are SUCH a good painter!!! Man o man.

  2. Grapes and sunflowers - is there anything more exhuberant in life? These are wonderful, Alice - many thanks!

  3. Thanks, Erica and Win you gals make my head swell!

  4. Just so lovely and dreamy! Serene.