Friday, February 24, 2012

Yet More French Paintings

I've just about shown you all I've got ... this is second to last post about The French Paintings and it's a mixed bag.

The classic street scene in the painting below was deserted the day we chose to visit Chateuneuf-du-Pape.  Perhaps it was too late in the day? Probably it was a Sunday. It's a considerably livelier setting in the photo on this webpage:  And yes that's me walking down the street!

DO-WAH-DIDDY, Chateauneuf-du-Pape   2005 oil 18" x 12" Collector unknown  

A painting I mourn parting with is Chateau la Nerthe. It's a setting outside a nearby winery nearby ... and it was closed as well!


Overwhelmed by the grandeur and decadence at Versailles I chose to paint this close up of a balcony seen at a place I didn't know existed on the property; Marie-Antoinette's Estate. I have another name for it ...

MARIE-ANTOINETTE'S PLAY FARM   2005 oil 14" x 22"  Collection of Linda and Ron Weiner


And in the town that Vincent Van Gogh spent his last couple of months ...

AUVERS ARCHWAY   2005 oil 18" x24"   Collector unknown 


One last rural painting ...

CHAPELLE ST. SIXTE (near Eygalieres)   2003 plein air oil 12" x 16"   $1100.

Painting the above, October, 2003


Touted as one of the prettiest villages (and indeed it is) Lourmarin is also where the author of A Year in Provence, Peter Mayle lives.  Behind the renaissance castle there I found what I really wanted to paint; Mystery Stairway. But there was also this cascading pot of flowers by a small crumbing stair case ...

BRIGHT CORNER OF LOURMARIN   2004 oil 12" x 16"   Collection of Lou Ann Bolin

Our friend, Marie Claire (who lives in Paris and has a condo in Canmore) followed closely the creation of my French paintings. She suggested I invite Peter Mayle (author of A year in Provence) to one of my solo shows and said that she'd look after getting his address. His is not an address that is not easily obtained, but you need to know that Marie Claire doesn't well take well to getting no for an answer. She relentlessly worked on the staff of Lourmarin town hall until she wore somebody down. I then mailed him a note with an invitation and this was his gratefully received response ...

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  1. At least he replied...!

    That street view is so typical isn't it - looks just like where Sharon lives...