Thursday, February 23, 2012

French Countryside

A pretty fine place to be ... in one vineyard, painting another!  October, 2003

MAS AND PETITE LUBERON    2003 plein air oil 12" x 16"  Collection of  Mary Shillabeer and Tom Matier

Painting Under Les Baux  

It was here that I realized Bill was right about how I needed to be babysat along rural, country roads. While painting I'm completely oblivious to anything but what is right in front of me. Our car looked vacant because Bill was lying down, on the back seat, reading. But the ever watchful eye of my husband spied a car pull up and the man who got out circle a clump of nearby trees before making his move toward me.  That's when Bill got out of the car to step between me and the stranger. Without any of us speaking a word and as nonchalantly as you please the fellow neatly veered away, got back into his car and drove off.

UNDER LES BAUX  1    2003 plein air oil 12" x 16"  Collector unknown 

Les Baux is where the image in my painting Door at Sundown is from.  Despite being wildly touristy it truly is a magical place. I invite you to check it out at 

And to the east at Rousillion see the bottom of this linked page to find a photo of the square I painted in Portes de Rousillion of doors set in red and yellow walls. The buildings of this entire town are coloured as the cliffs they are built on. Fascinating. Imagine living bathed in such warmth ...

OCRES DE ROUSILLION   2005 oil 10" x 8"   Collector unknown  


  1. Now I understand your earlier post about Bill 'on hand' - it must have been a heart-stopping few moments. Bless Bill and the Gaia Guardian for taking care of you that day!

    1. Scary...I try to stay in the car with the doors locked, seat pushed back and painting resting on steering wheel... but not always possible or practical. People even harmless ones, seem to think an artist painting outdoors gives them carte blanche to stop and stare...I try to ignore them (but I'm a miserable so and so!)

  2. I LOVED Rousillion! Just happened to be driving by as the sun was setting and nearly drove off the road!!!