Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Landscape of Southern France

Looking at my paintings of the south of France Bill commented that they have a different light.  Indeed the landscape there does have a very soft light as compared to say the brilliant clarity of the Rockies.  Of course I did somewhat exaggerate the yellowness of it all!

THE CANAL DU MIDI (near Carcassonne)   2003 oil 12" x 18"   Collector unknown

MINERVOIS VINEYARDS  (near Puicheric)   2003 oil 12" x 18"   Collector unknown 

VINEYARD NEAR CALLAS   2003 oil 12" x 18"   Collector unknown

FARMHOUSE NEAR GORDES   2004 oil 12" x 18"   Collector unknown

UNDER LES BAUX 2   2004 oil 12" x 24"   Collector unknown

L'ALPILLES at the SAINT PAUL ASYLUM (St. Remy)   2005 oil 24" x 36"   Collector unknown


  1. I seem to see a change in your approach here - more impressionisitic - maybe that's what Southern France does to artists, if Monet and Pisarro etc are anything to go by! (Daughter Sharon lives in France but about halfway down so not southern, hasn't got that light about it in fact similar to the uk! Hoping to get some done on my next trip there.) Anyway Alice, these are great! xx

  2. Well, I just love them and thank you for sharing these, Alice. Light is a wonderful thing....and you are full of it.

  3. These paintings are so soft with their diffused light - lovely, and thanks for posting!