Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Blog; New Website

Feeling nostalgia for the painting trips and time spent in France a decade ago I share some the art made as a result.

CEZANNE'S MONT SAINTE VICTOIRE, Aix en Provence, France    2004 oil 18" x 36"   Collection of Richard Berry

CHATEAU LA NERTHE, Chateauneuf du Pape, France   2004 oil 18" x 24"   Collection of  Dr.Catherine Hinds

MYSTERY STAIRWAY, Renaissance Castle at Lourmarin, France    2004 oil 24" x 36"  Collection of Doris and Cal Evans

MONET'S GARDNER'S BRIDGE, Giverny, France    2003 oil 24" x 36"   Collection of  Cathy Ann David & John McIsaac

MONET'S GRAND ALLEY, Giverny, France   2003 oil 24' x 36"   Collection of Margaret Ecclestone

MONET'S POND #1, Giverny, France   2003 oil 18" x 24"   Collector unknown

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