Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Labours of Love

As I seek out inspiration and contemplate what to paint, I offer you this, the last painting I did in 2011 ...

"Maggie" acrylic 7" x 5" (December 13th)

For Bill's sister, and her husband, I painted Maggie so that they could make a gift of it to their neighours who own her.

When Linda and Ron moved to Alberta Gunner came with them. Sadly, and only six months (to the day) after their arrival he had to be put down (cancer). At almost precisely the same time Linda met Kevin while he was walking Maggie. It is nothing short of a miracle that when my in-laws purchased their own condo, they became Wendy and Kevin's neighbours. Much to everyone's delight Maggie roams freely from one home to the other.

"Gunner" 2010 oil 12" x 9" 

Gunner was Linda and Ron's third English Springer Spaniel.  I had painted watercolour portraits of both other pets, long ago, when they were young dogs.  Linda's bids for a Gunner painting had been falling on my deaf ears for years before he passed.  Finally, and as a housewarming gift, I painted the portrait above.

They say I create wonderful likenesses and if anybody would know it would be the owners.  I have never fancied myself a pet portrait artist. These paintings are labours of love and, truth be told, they aren't really labourious at all. There is a joy in creating anything that I know will be so well received and appreciated.


  1. These are pure joy, Alice - I've always loved Springer spaniels, and they've danced through our family as well. Thanks for lifting the day!

  2. Frak, you make my heart swell ... love this blog and you !!!!

  3. I love finding a new artist who does wonderful paintings. The two dog portraits are not only beautifully painted but have an emotional quality that makes them stand apart from other dog paintings. Outstanding work.

  4. Many thanks, Julie. It was my pleasure to find you via Daily Paint Works ... I'll be checking in on you as well!