Monday, January 23, 2012

Making Cards

My efforts from yesterday

Wintry Sunday afternoons in Debie's sun room making cards are good times. She has a lot of wonderful toys and so do I. We double our pleasure when we pool our collections, share ideas, methods ...

Happy at our play

... and yes, wine.

Debie's handy work; real lace on double-sided tape, glittered and removed

My station; calculating where to cut to thread the ribbon

By now it's dark outside, the mess is deeper and I'm only on card #3!

Five hours yielded four cards. Debie is much faster than I am; she made eight. On a good day I could paint a small painting in the same time it takes to make one card. You might ask why do it? For the sheer joy of it. And then there is the pleasure of shopping for (and yes the hoarding of) pretty papers, ribbons, embellishments and rubber stamps, etc. Ideas from the card making magazines are a spring board.  The thrill and the challenge is taking and infusing them with our own creative twist.    

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  1. These are lovely, Alice - your valentine recipients are going to love them!