Monday, January 30, 2012

More Changes

Please note ... in changing the web address of this site I have lost my followers.  I respectfully ask that you please sign up again.  Sincere regrets for any inconvenience this may cause all of you who were so kind to sign up in the first place.

Progress continues; the bio page is complete now and I've added more pages including Landscape and Floral.

SUNFLOWERS FOR VINCENT   2003 oil 22" x 30"  Collection of  Dr. Josee Bourgon

In Arles, I went on a total Van Gogh pilgrimage.  At the local information centre, I was thrilled to acquire a comprehensive map and sought out all of the well marked sites of his painting locations.  It was only then that I became an absolute and complete fan of his work.  Over the following winter I read, in depth, about him.  This painting is my homage to him.

At The Night Cafe in Arles, France, October, 2002 


  1. I am privledged to look at those Sunflowers every single day !!! xoxo

  2. Thanks Frik ... I should add that the image is available as a print!