Monday, January 10, 2011

Creativity ... it's in the Cards

I am excited to be seeking out pretty papers, pretty ribbons, and all manner of embellishments. Plus it gives me an excuse to add to my delightful collection of rubber stamps.

The pleasure of making greeting cards, like these, might not have happened if I hadn't accepted Debi's invitation to play at her house. For this gig, she's got an incredible amount of toys and a willingness to share them.

The crazy part is that one card takes me almost as long to make as a 6x6 inch painting! So, you might ask why would I do it? At this stage in my life, I have the time to explore any and all creative outlets that might take my fancy. Like when I'm hanging out with Annie, at her studio, flirting with mixed media. She journals. Not just text, but illustrating her written pages. Very cool. It incorporates painting and hand done touches ...

My journal entry, October 11th, 2009

But, I'll always fine art paint. And currently there is an interesting panel underway on my easel. Stay tuned.


  1. It all goes to feeding the creative hunger, and for creative hunger, you're up there with the best. As long as you are enjoying yourself . . . and we can certainly be sure something wonderful will come out of it, whatever medium you choose. Exploration is valuable, and it keeps you fresh.

  2. Thanks, Dea ... we are cut from the same mold!