Saturday, January 1, 2011


On December 30th, with our young family, we went to Castle Ski Resort which is just over an hour from our home in Claresholm. Waking up at the hill and being among the first on the slopes is always a treat. Although it was bitterly cold, the sun shone on relatively fresh snow.

It was Avery's introduction to skiing. For months now she has been saying "Skiing in the mountains with snow!". Well, at two it's not that easy moving about on skis, especially when you won't leave you mittens on and it's -15C out! To see the entire photo essay please click here:

After our day of skiing, we left her parents at the resort and brought Avery home with us. It was dark when we rolled into town and so we showed the little one some houses lit up for Christmas. The house above, on 50th Avenue East, is my personal favourite.

To see photos of our Boxing Day, please click here:

May 2011 bring us all the love, laughter and personal satisfaction we seek!

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