Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lounging Tulip

Yesterday, I used acrylic to paint this 12" x 16" panel, thinking that when it was finished I'd be brave and put a coat of Golden Glass Bead Gel over it. I chickened out even before showing Bill what the product looks like (on a 5x7 sample panel). His words: "It looks hideous". You see, sometimes my died-in-the-wool, traditional painting style bores me.

I set up the cloth and shell and painted them first knowing that when I cut a fresh tulip from our backyard and put it under the light it would open, droop, change. Stepping back (which I ought to do more often) I observed that the entire cloth was much too blue, so I washed a white glaze over it. And still, at the end of a long day, I was not happy with it. To me it looks lack lustre.

All evening, and again when I woke today, I kept mulling over my options.
1. Leave it alone and move on or ...
2. Spend another day on it, repainting (over the acrylic) with oil in the hopes that it will have more life/sparkle.

Maybe all it needs is a coat of varnish?

Glass Bead Gel - A coarse textured medium with a Heavy Body viscosity that holds peaks. Made with genuine glass beads, its unique visual effect – like that of condensation on cold glass – is best seen in thin films that allow the mono-layer of glass beads to be illuminated on a light colored ground. Glass Bead Gel can appear very similar to Coarse Pumice Gel or Clear Granular Gel when mixed with enough paint to hide the appearance of the glass beads.Glass Bead Gel ...

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