Sunday, May 23, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Because we can play midweek, we don't go camping or anywhere the crowds are frequenting on a holiday weekend. Some time ago we arranged to spend part of this weekend with Don & Ann; to finally see their new (to them) home which they moved into last December. After the two-story, character house they left (Don's childhood home) they are now in a recently renovated bungalow with an enormous open concept ...

Minutes from their place is the ridge above the Bow River. We wandered the maze of trails there yesterday afternoon and again today.

It's remarkable how you can almost tune Calgary out when you are wandering in Bowmont Park.

They showed us the wee falls after which their community, Silver Springs, is named ...

I've had my share of social recently and it isn't about to stop anytime soon. On Tuesday I have a date with a very special gal and Wednesday we hope to go R-Podding for a couple of days. This points to a great need for me to go to The Anne Frank Room tomorrow and see about finishing some paintings!

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