Sunday, April 14, 2013

Living Life Outloud

As you may have guessed, by my absence here, we've been away. On our drive home from California I came across this amazing photo and quote, which I think sums me and my life up rather nicely ...

In our six week escape from winter I made no art but had a blissful time soaking up the heat, sunshine, palm trees and flowers of California. We played tennis, enjoyed the pool in the fabulous courtyard of Phase Three, Palm Canyons Villas, and the delightful company of other snowbirds.

Amira's first morning in PSCA

It was terrific that both our daughters were able to visit us in Palm Springs this year.

Laura and Amira early on in our stay ...

 ... then Denise, Avery and Larry toward the end

With water wings, Avery became very independent in the pool ... and fearless!

On April 9th, w
e arrived home; me with an inordinate collection of new art and mixed media supplies, which compelled me to rearrange storage of all my gear and toys. This snowballed into an epic rearrange-just-about-everything-in-the-basement project. You see, because The Anne Frank Room is so small, I require overflow areas. Last night, I finally got everything put back together. 

Now, armed with an idea, I'm ready to go down there and get to work. Nothing like a carrot to fuel me. The Claresholm Artists and Artisans Club's 5th annual exhibition, at the library, with be installed on April 30th and I wouldn't want to submit only old art. That's in keeping with living out loud, right?


  1. Of all the artists I know, you live up to this one to the max! SO looking forward to seeing your creation from the Anne Frank Room!

    1. Thanks Win, there is a lot of pleasure in the effort of Living Out Loud!
      Fingers crossed about the project I have embarked upon, for as you might have guessed, it's mixed media!