Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mixed Media at School

Claresholm high school students, Bella, Lindsay and Andrea with parent liaison and patron of the arts, Karen Linderman, have formed a Student's Art Club. On February 8th, I had the pleasure of being the artist/instructor at their inaugural Friday afternoon. The high school is supporting the program in a most generous way by making the art room, their abundant collection of acrylic paints and brushes available to us. Art teacher, Reed Spencer, cut and provided 50 pieces of  8" x 10" mat boards to use as painting surfaces.

The techniques I demonstrated needed to be ones that could be worked on within our three hours. The day before, I had painted a piece of cheesecloth on a mat board, for each student, so that they would be able to see the resulting patterns when they pulled the dry cheesecloth off. They also painted a cheesecloth start, of their own, which would be dry for removal the following day.  

Kerry Hart (left) and Judy Dahl (standing) provided indispensable assistance

A huge thanks go out to my artist friends and volunteer helpers. I would have been hard pressed to do this session on my own especially since we had a couple of gals who needed extra help. The other ladies also brought stamps and embellishments to share, greatly increasing the selection of items to work with.    

Reading a note from Chandler who is deaf, mute and a remarkably gifted young artist!

Fellow artist, Betty Mainprize, (in the photo above) who plans to give a drawing class another Friday, sat in to get a feel for the space, the students and the program. It was wonderful to have her join in the making of mixed media art.

After my third demonstration, the girls were eager to finish their "starts" and I simply couldn't get them to leave what they were doing to come and watch a fourth! The industry and energy in the room ran high. I was so pleased with everyone and delighted over their interest, enthusiasm and results.



Many thanks to, Moni, Shannon, Sarah, Chandler, Andrea, Lindsey, Bella, Dalyce and Erin for providing me with the opportunity to spread the mixed media mania!

Here are some of the pieces that were created ...  



  1. What a wonderful time you ladies gave those girls. I can see from the photos that they were all entranced, and the wonderful variety of the results, to say nothing of quality, speaks to the success of the afternoon. Well done, all!

    1. Thanks Win ... and it's is all because YOU came to town!

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