Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sock Monkey Art for Lil' Buddy

Within the next couple of weeks I'll be getting a new grand baby via my baby, Laura, and her husband, Adam!  Although they don't know the gender, the soon-to-be-parents have always called the unborn babe Lil' Buddy.

Finished acrylic painting on unsupported canvas 18" x 24"

Armed with a few images from the Internet I designed a wall hanging to incorporate Laura's colour scheme and attraction to sock monkeys.

The sketch

The one quarter size sketch coloured in.

Enlarged and ready to paint

Just one more monkey left to paint!

Presented at the Lil' Buddy Baby Shower

On Sunday, with Mary, sister Denise co-hosted a most spectacular Dr. Seuss themed baby shower ... it in itself was a work of art!  You'll want to see the photos:  

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