Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Even in paradise it can be cool and rainy.  Such was yesterday.  After stepping out to buy Bill new tennis shoes, another Michael's fix for me (more rubber stamps) and lunch at The Fisherman's Market we came home and settled in for the remainder of the day.  I set to work on the dining room table.

I began by drawing, using coloured pencils and a fine tip artist's marker, on a tinted panel.  I then painted over it all with acrylic paint.  I stamped, scrapped, splattered and scrubbed until I was happy and the piece looked like this ...

Avery With Flowers in Her Hairs   mixed media 12" x 9"   NFS

Full credit to Maria Pace-Wynters for the inspiration here.  I hope she isn't upset with me for trying on her style.  On the Internet, I happened upon her blog and follow her exciting and innovative art with great interest.  Please see her work here:  http://mariapacewynters.wordpress.com

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