Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Painting Tutorial

Two weeks ago, at the Cobweb Tutorial, it was decided that the next one would be a Painting Tutorial and I would be the instructor-of-the-day. With Sharon Williams' permission, I guided Kari and Jenn though her demonstration, which you can view here: http://sharonlynnwilliams.blogspot.com/

I had an incredibly good time sharing with these gals and I do believe they are pleased with what they produced; I sure was!  They worked really hard and I hope I didn't scare them too much with comments like "Stop!" when they had made beautiful marks and were about to go in and paint over them!

Three totally different interpretations, all quite unlike Sharon's!

We went on to do a second painting employing a mixed media technique which I learned from Annie Froese ... to see Annie's work click here:

To see the second painting and more photos of our painting day please click here:

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