Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Hellish Week

Since February 17th, I have been distracted and consumed with concern. 

Denise, Larry and Avery spent the Family Day weekend (February 19th to 21st) with us.  As we all waited for further news of the uprising in Libya and updates from Laura and Adam this is what our breakfast room looked like ...

Communications Head Quarters

Last September, when the newly weds moved to Benghazi, could anyone have predicted the events of this past week?  Adam is project manager for Pure Technologies, in Libya, monitoring their installed systems on the The Great Man-Made River Project which provides drinking water to much of the country including Benghazi and Tripoli.

For the month of February, Laura has been in Florence, Italy studying jewellery making with a transplanted New Zealander, Ken Scott who, subsequently, is in his own hell worrying about the victims of the Christchurch earthquake.

Circumstances were such that Adam had the responsibility of rounding up his staff and seeking channels to secure his and their safe evacuation out of Libya.  Today I am delighted to report that Adam (and all his staff)  sailed out of Benghazi for Malta.

Adam and Laura in November, 2010

As Laura always believed, Adam will be in Istanbul before she arrives there on February 27th.  Reunited, after a painfully trying time, they will then begin air travel home to Canada on Monday. 

I am so grateful that this nightmare has a happy ending.

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  1. Thrilled to hear all safe - never doubted it would have a successful conclusion. Adam is a smart and brave man.