Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time to Resume Daily Painting

I'm not terribly faithful to the daily part, but now that the hectic summer is behind us and autumn has arrived I'm leaning towards spending more time in the studio; affectionately known as The Anne Frank Room. Check it out here:

Walking down the street the other day I noticed the crab apple trees are laden with fruit and thought they'd be a nice compliment to any still life. So I clipped a branch and here is what I have came up with ...

Peach and Crab Apples oil 6" x 6"

Pear and Crab Apples oil 6" x 6"

I thanked the peach for being of use in two ways as I sliced it to have with our yogurt and granola this morning. It's seems a bit cannibalistic to eat your subjects. Both paintings are spoken for.

PS It is a glorious autumn which shows no sign of giving way to foul weather, so I'm compelled to get out in it ... you know, make hay while the sun shines! Click here for photos:

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