Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn Influenced

My computer is choked. It's got too many photographs stored in it, so I've been editing and copying them to CDs. Always knew I'd paint this orange, so when I found the image (from our time in Palm Springs, last March) I did. Although it it is not an autumn fruit, the colours certainly suggest fall.

Orange Sunshine oil 8" x 10" framed $600.

I'm still scoring crab apples from a tree down the street. These are a smaller variety, more orangey-red and yellow than the mostly cherry red larger ones. Yesterday, I selected the mini pumpkin from my basket of gourds. For some reason painting it was epic. Who would have thought an orange, globe-like shape like this would be problematic? The orange of the day before wasn't. Some days paintings just don't flow off the brush. I struggled with it for hours and was completely exhausted when I finally got it to look like this ...

Mini Pumpkin and Crab Apples oil 6" x 6" unframed $100.

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