Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lake O'Hara 2015

This expedition, from September 7th to 10th, gave us three nights and four days there. We were five painters and three spouses tossed in with other random Lake O'Hara enthusiasts staying at the Elizabeth Parker Hut (it holds 24). Joining in last year, for the first time in several, had me realise just how much I missed being there. While Bill has visited the area many times, he has accompanied the "painters" group only occasionally. It was a delight that we were both on the trip this year. 

My one and only plein air painting from this trip.   Sargent's Point   oil on panel   9" x 12"

Day one, we arrived to a fair bit of snow ...

Just off the bus, Bill on the shore of Lake O'Hara shore at Sargent's Point

That afternoon, as I painted, Bill hiked to McArthur Lake with Dave, Bob and Patti. There, at a higher elevation, they encountered considerably more snow ...

Bill at McArthur Lake, thanks to Patti Dyment for this photo

Thanks to Pat Allin for this photo

The snow gradually melted as I painted

Meg Nicks, sketching on a rock along side of me, stopped to snap the photo above of me at the easel
Another day, Patti Dyment was found tucked under some evergreens painting the classic Sargent's Point view

And, on the last day, Jan Chalupnicek and Sharon Williams painted it as well

Pooling food, we always eat well, exchange stories, laugh and sing together. It doesn't always happen, but on our last night, all the other folks staying at the hut joined us in song facilitating a most memorable hootenanny. 

I don't live close to the majority of the group anymore, so being reunited with everyone creates a homecoming feeling that is very special to me.  Here is our entire gang enjoying a happy hour ... 

Dave, Bill, myself, Jan, Meg, Bob, Pat, Sharon and Patti

The WiWaxy Hut comfortably sleeps eight, so we commandeered it for ourselves.

Meg, Sharon, Pat, Patti and myself having an end-of-the-day hen party on the lower bunk in the WiWaxy Hut

People wander off solo, or in smaller groups, to hike or paint, but on the one especially dreary morning (with the exception of Jan, who sped ahead and lost the rest of us) we hiked to the Crystal Cave together ...

Bob, Bill, Dave, Sharon, Patti, myself, Meg and Pat - thanks to Bob Allin for this time exposed shot

... and to Meg for this very special one

It was very cold, the weather was truly uncooperative. The intermittent rain helped to wash the snow away but we didn't see much blue sky or sunshine. Still, when you are in paradise and nature throws you a curve, you just make the best of it.

Bill, and some of the gals, partook of a decadent tea one afternoon in The Lodge, something I've never done before ...

Pat, Meg and yours truly 

With Bill and Meg, on day three, I hiked up to and on the Opabin Plateau to enjoy the pools and changing larches  

On the last day, I convinced Bill to hike to Victoria Lake, again, because, you just never know if you're ever "going to pass this way again."

Happy place to have lunch - at Victoria Lake

Myself above the magnificent Victoria Falls

Huge thanks to Patti for organizing yet another expedition. God willing, I'll be back, for more magic at O'Hara, next year!


  1. I have intense memories of these O'Hara trips, and it's a wonderful thing to see your photos of this particular trip! xo

    1. Thank you Win. I wish we had been on one of these trip togethers!

  2. Love the colours in your painting Alice! Looks like a fun trip!

    1. Many thanks Marcela - I look forward to when I can plein sir paint with you!